Current Openings

Shift Engineer / Manager Mechanical for Brewery Based at Bhopal
  • Responsible for bottling as well as canning all electrical preventive maintenance. 
  • Responsible for smooth operation with 99% readability of all inspection equipment like empty bottle inspection unit by filler, post filler filled bottle inspection and post labeller label inspection unit by Krones.
  • Daily and weekly maintenance planning.
  • Action plan of break down and minor stoppage, by following root cause failure analysis report.
  • Daily control system (DCS) board preparation and presentation among the team.
  • Member of TPM (Total productive management) and co- leader of Restore the basic condition of machine. Made cleaning, lubrication and inspection schedule for all equipment of bottling hall and training of shop floor people 
  • Data collection from shop floor people and action plan for the same.
  • Co-ordination with OEM like Krones, KHS and other concern if any.
  • Planning and implementing Autonomous Management.
  • Implementation of safety audits, 5'S.
  • Studied and recorded time and calculate the Efficiency

QA / QC Manager / In Charge /executive for Distillery and Brewery

For Brewery:- 

  • Responsibility for Microbiological and Chemical analytical methods applied in Beer Testing as per EBC standards
  • Handling QA activities i.e. Sensory (Global Taste System GTS) as a Coordinator for GTS, Dope tasting exercise, Brand Identification exercise, Batch release & Trade QA session and Flavor recognition training to basic tasters
  • Microbiological monitoring of Water and Environment,  Air Exposure test, Swab Test.
  • Microbiological monitoring of Water and Environment, by MF test and Air Exposure test.
  • Responsible for yeast management, Yeast handling further all microbiological analysis of yeast crop, fermenting beer, lager beer and finished beer & every Batch release through Microbiological & Sensory Analysis. 
  • Designing and maintaining SOPs related to Process and Quality Assurance. 
  • Monitoring Bottling parameters affecting Quality and also responsible for Raw material, in process product, Final product and Packaging material. 
  • Responsible for Hygiene Audit & Internal Audit of the plant as per ISO  guideline

For Distillery:-

  • Quality of Blend, DM Water, ENA, Malt and all incoming and outgoing material to / from bottling.
  • ISI Testing of ENA, DM Water testing, Conductivity Meter, PH Meter.
  • QC of packaging of bottling line from washer to filler, pasteurizer, labeler and packers.
  • All analysis of packaging materials as bottle /carton /label / foil / crown / cap.
  • All analysis of raw materials as molasses / malt / sugar / caramel / RS / ENA.
  • Microbiological QC of Fermentation, Process water etc 
  • Analysis of QC results and its implication on cost of Quality
  • Sensory evaluation
  • TQM with no tolerance 
  • Process parameter and Lab Scale 
  • End Product Comparison with reference Sample

Agm/dgm/gm/section Head for Brewery
  • Taking care of operation and maintenance of Bottling plant (Bottle Washer, Filler, Pasteurizer, Labeler, Case Packer, Carton erector, Top sealer) and utility plant (Boilers) Monitoring and control on TPO , DPMO.
  • Taking care of CAN line plant having depalletiser, CAN Filler, CAN Pasteurizer ,Shrink wrapper and domino machine operations , maintain operation and quality parameters
  • Implementation of Manufacturing Way to ensure maximum utilization of resources.
  • Evaluation of SIC Chart and IQMS machine wise on daily basis.
  • Daily maintaining of reports related to the utility & production in excel sheet.
  • Maintaining the production & utility data in Syspro System.
  • Taking care of Quality parameters as our aim is Delivering Profitable growth through Quality.
  • Assurance of Good personal hygiene of the workers, best hygiene practices in the unit and Minimum Safety requirement for Workers in the Plant.
  • Managing the functions of preventive/predictive/breakdown maintenance of utilities as well as productions machines to reduce downtime to minimum 
  • Preparing TPM Schedule, Annual Preventive Maintenance Plans, Costing, Checklists for Conducting Routine Preventive Maintenance Plans, Machine History Cards.
  • Conduct regular inspections to prevent accidents and adhere to safety norms
  • Ensure reduction in down time of machines by proper maintenance planning & by condition monitoring
  • DSR-Deptt. Safety representative maintaining OHSAS/EM standards also complying weekly,monthly audits including preparing all MIS. 
  • Taking care of operation of LDMS system
  • Taking care of COP system-Operation part 
  • Taking care of all closing Weekly/Monthly,Bottle closing with BOM updation 
  • TPM-Leader as AM Pillar in Packaging 

Sales activation officer/ Executive/ BDM
  • Responsibility to look after division primary secondary, and tertiary sales.
  • Daily visiting liquor outlets and bars which come under division.
  • Interacting with outlet sales person to know the tertiary movement of the brand, availability and display of the brand.
  • Interacting with distributor regarding brand availability and proper flow of secondary sales.
  • Conducted bar promotion activity.
  • Motivating business associates for greater market penetration and reach.
  • Interacting with retailer and counter salesman regarding product promotion.
  • Coordinating with Distillery & Excise Department IMFL for primary sales.

Distillation Operator
  • Complete knowledge of Grain Based Distillery Oprs.& of entire Grain plant from milling, fermentation, distillation, dryer & decanter. Daily monitoring of prod., quality target, steam factor & other perf. factors of the distillation plant
  • Overall Operation & Maintainence of Decanter/Dryer Section
  • Experience of Grain Based Distillery Industry
  • Supervisor Fermentation
  • Overall Experience of Fermentation Section Operations
  • Manual Handling of Chemical/ Plant Dosing
  • Should be able to lead guide and manage his team. Must have experience in distillation section as distillation operator.

PLC Operator for evaporation / Evaporation Asst. Operator/helper
  • Maintain top of Evaporator
  • Maintain tower area·
  • Tanker loading and unloading
  • Manage waste
  • Monitor equipments for abuse, break-down, etc.
  • Maintain operating records
  • Perform necessary routine cleaning and preventative maintenance

Shift In-Charge (Fermentation/Distillation)

Plan, organize, direct and control plant operation in fermentation, distillation, grain and utility section as per ISO standards. Supervise, monitor and train the team members of production department. Analyze required parameters of distillation, fermentation, lab process and grain plant. Monitoring and handling of manpower for a routine shift-work (Liquefaction and fermentation & distillation plant on MPR PLC based system). Running of Grain and distillation plant on PLC System. Performing, testing and controlling of all microbial, chemical, physical parameter to run the process. Prepare relevant reports and submit to production manager.

Laboratory In-charge - PLC Based Distillery
  • To have strong check over Lab Culture & analysis of lab chemist so that Fermentation & Distillation plant can be optimize with its maximum efficiency.
  • To maintain high F.E of yeast culture by its purification process at regular interval.
  • Carry on Lab tests for molasses,yeast,ENA etc..
  • To maintain and develop the Yeast cell Inoculums from Lab scale to Fermentation vessel Scale, testing of all Bacterial, fungal and other microbial contamination in in-process fermentation samples.
  • Performed regular laboratory analysis, to check and report the quality of chemical, enzymes and other raw nutrient used in fermentation process. To check and report any losses, residual sugar, starch and fermented wash..

PLC Operator / Helper Asst. For Fermentation Section
  • Plant Controlling By PLC System, Process Controlling , Lab testing.
  • Plant controlling by DCS System,Distillation Column Operation, , Chemical Equipment Operations which includes, Chiller, cooler, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger and Double Pipe Plant controlling by DCS System,Distillation Column Operation, , Chemical Equipment Operations which includes, Chiller, cooler, Shell & Tube HeatExchanger and Double Pipe Exchanger.
  • Plant Controlling By PLC System, Process Controlling ,QC Analysis, laboratory testing of variouswater samples, Batch Operations & Continuous operations.
  • Plant Controlling By PLC System, Process Controlling ,QC Analysis, laboratory testing of variouswater samples, Batch Operations & Continuous operations.
  • Fermentation, sterilization, Distillation, evaporation. (Molasses Base)

Plant/Distillery Manager Jobs
  • All process and operations of Distillation Column Exchanger.
  • Responsible for Quality Control Processes.
  • Responsible for R.S. plant operation
  • Responsible for ENA plant operation
  • Responsible for Turbine operation
  • Responsible for Absolute Alcohol plant operation & Alcohol recovery from C02 gas scrubber & Alcohol vent scrubbers.
  • Responsible for Reverse Osmosis (R.O) plant operation
  • Responsible for Effluent Treatment & Pollution Control
  • Responsible 40TPH & 20TPH boiler
  • Responsible for C02 plant operation and Plant Engineering & Services
  • Responsible for Reduction in power consumption in Distillery plant & Sludge separation from fermented wash & Reduction in Consumption of Antifoam &Reduction inSteam Consumption Norm
  • Procurement of Raw Materials viz Molasses , Grain ,rice flakes , sugar etc
  • Liaisoning with Govt. Authorities to ensure 100% legal compliance for factory in every respect without any non-conformance relating to Labour laws, Excise, W&M, PCB, MOEF, Health & Safety etc.

Instrumentation engineer
  • knowledge of Instrumentation of Distillery Plant
  • experience of handling shift and technicians
  • knowledge of breakdown analysis, root cause analysis, maintenance, Calibration etc.
  • operation DCS, PLC, process instrumentation & control.
  • Should be able to do installation, trouble shooting, & calibration of all process related instruments
  • Routine shift jobs, trouble shootings, Servicing, Shut down jobs, Calibration
  • Planning & Control Systems Controls & Auditing Internal
  • Instrumentation,Process Instrumentation,SAP Controlling,Control Valves, Access Control

Boiler Engineer
  • Diploma / B.E / (Mechanical) with 8 to 16 years of experience in maintenance of boiler and its auxiliaries in a plants Manage the maintenance function and provide leadership to the maintenance team in the boiler area.
  • Implement approved preventive maintenance to insure availability, reliability and efficiency of the power plant.
  • Will be responsible for day to day operation of the boiler and maintenance
  • Minimize plant shut down by development of maintenance policy and strategy.
  • Overseeing the safe operations of high-pressure boilers.
  • Supervising boiler operators.
  • Ensuring log books are properly maintained.
  • Maintaining accurate records and preparing reports.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Boiler and Thermal Heater.
  • IBR certified.

Boiler Attendant
  • The candidate should have Boiler Attendant 1st Class or 2nd Class Certificate with 5-10 years experience of operation of AFBC Coal Fired Boiler and should have good communication skills with Positive attitude.
  • Overseeing the safe operations of high-pressure boilers.
  • Supervising boiler operators.
  • Ensuring log books are properly maintained.
  • Maintaining accurate records and preparing reports.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Boiler and Thermal Heater.

Turbine Attendants
  • Responsible for managing Turbine operation activities safely.
  • To ensure the operating parameters of the turbine and its auxiliaries within the stipulated limits.
  • To take necessary actions for optimum usage of water and coal by maintaining proper vacuum at the turbine outlet.
  • To maintain all documents related to Turbine promptly.
  • To give clear instructions to Turbine field operator for performing any tasks related to the Turbine and its auxiliaries.
  • To co-ordinate with Boiler DCS Operator during any emergency.
  • To use all resources material and human to effectively carry-out assigned works.
  • To make decisions within the prescribed operating guidelines.
  • To ensure the housekeeping in control room.
  • To maintain the extinguishers at Control Room without fail.

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