About Som Group

Som Group of Companies is an integrated AlcoBev player based out of Central India. The group is into production of Beer, Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Ready to drink beverages and Country Liquor.

The group operates a brewery, a distillery, support industries and a distribution network across the country. The group's diversification is an important factor in delivering the highest quality brands to the consumers and delivering long-term value to the stake holders.

We're passionate that, wherever possible, our ingredients have local origin and are farmed, or tended by the local people who care as much about bringing out the best from abundant natural resources as we do.

Som Group has built world class brands on the back of consistent quality. The consumer acceptance of the brands can be gauged from the volumes sold of our key brands Hunter, Blackfort and Power cool. These three are millionaire brands...

The group had a humble beginning starting from a small bottling unit for alcoholic spirits and reaching to a level where it has become a dominant Indian player with Indian values.

At Som we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through sustainable production practices.

Our Philosophy - Respect

Respect for our customers, who are spending their hard-earned money on our products. Respect for our staff, who entrust their working life and career aspirations to us. Respect for suppliers and distributors who commit to business relationships with us. Respect for our stakeholders who invest, through good and bad times, in meeting the expectations of all of the above.

Exceeding Customers' Expectations

We are, and have always been, customer focused and as our customers' needs have evolved so have we. This has allowed us to have survived, and indeed thrived, for nearly three decades by listening to our customers and progressing with the times while remaining true to our values of providing passionate products and consistent quality.

Looking towards the future.

We always try to find ways in which we can improve the quality of our products without affecting the consistency that consumers have become accustomed to. To do so, we research local and international market trends and developments, we engage our stakeholders regularly in order to ensure that we can respond to queries and irregularities immediately. We work with integrity, professionalism and view each customer as individualistically as possible, knowing no two needs are the same. We believe in the mantra of all consumers should have access to quality products at affordable prices.

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